About Us

My name is Donte Wood I am the owner and founder of Exceptionally Luxurious
and a single father of two beautiful daughters. Which brings me to this, this journey began with them. Having early mornings of me attempting to do their hair and get them ready for school and them yelling "ouch", ahh, dad that hurts. Me replying sorry baby daddy doesn't know what he's doing, lol. Realizing that I cant keep going on like this, I began researching my options. I started with using detangling lotions and creams after a whole lot of brushing and combing and greasy palms, I began reading the labels. Noticing that it was a bunch of chemicals and whatever else inside I didn't like that at all. So I began looking up trichologist and asking for remedies and solutions. Which resulted in me taking a few ingredients given and creating a hydration mist. Not only did i find my solution, when I tell you that hydration mist saved me it did. It hydrated and moisturized my daughters hair and scalp and made parting hair and doing my famous ponytail a lot easier. Well, it's not that famous. lol I even began using it myself and what a difference it made. It made our hair easier to manage, healthier and stronger, not only that began noticing faster growth. When doing their hair that was our bonding time, we would talk about school, friends or whatever. So would ask if she liked the hair style and it ways always expressed mainly by my youngest, Dad it looks ok I like it. It makes you look beautiful I would say, she replies you think so. I as a father the goal was to help them feel exceptional and to be confident in themselves and to enjoy every moment in life. So thats what I would tell them. I wanted them to be and feel exceptional while looking luxurious in their moment. And thats where the name derived from EXCEPTIONALLY LUXURIOUS and what made me decide to market and sell them was that same little girl. After finishing her hair one day she got up from watching something on youtube pushed her kitchen set out and began shouting food for sale, bottles for sale. Looking at her while im laughing aloud gave me an idea, ok so now I have my sales person and since her older sister was into drawling. One drew the name and the other sold the products. So here we are today with EXCEPTIONALLY LUXURIOUS so come join us in helping others live
Exceptional lives while looking Luxurious in the moment